Uno entre cien mil

Studio Design Events organizes unique weddings and events with essence. For this reason we are collaborators of Foundation Unoentrecienmil (One out of one thousand Foundation).

They are the only one ONG in Spain commited to dedicate all the activitie’s benefits to a year investigation project against chilhood leukaemia. This illness entails the 30% of the chilhood’s cancer with moret han 300 diagnosed cases a year in Spain. Unfortunately, two out of 10 kids don’t have any hope beacuse there’s no any clinical progress since years. This progress only become throught investigation.

With this initiative you support the chilhood leukeamia’s investigation projects of the Foundation.

Marcapáginas solidario

A  personalized bookmark with the names and the wedding’s date, besides a brief reason about the Foundation’s donation for an Investigation grant.

Tarjet dorsal solidaria

Dorsal  Card:  Framed into The dorsal is personalized with the wedding’s date. The user can choose an explanatory card or include the information in the dorsal’s back.

Tarjeta con dorsal solidaria

Card with dorsal: Framed into  we offer this cards with dorsal included.


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